Want to get involved? This is the place to start!

Find a full listing of NEWWA's committees here. NEWWA's committees are the lifeblood of the organization. Full of fun, dynamic people, committees are the best way to integrate yourself into the water works business. And the best thing - there's something for everyone! From distribution, to laboratory, to conservation, to public relations, security, legislative work, and more, there is a large selection to choose from.

Feel free to browse our committees, including descriptions, council they reside in, chair, and co-chairs. Find your perfect fit here.

Ready to get involved? Fill out our Committee Sign up Form.  There are also opportunities to volunteer nationally for our joint AWWA members.

And as always, feel free to contact NEWWA's offices with any questions you may have. We're always here to help! 

NEWWA's committees each reside under a specific council:

Administration Council - 7 committees 
Recognition Council - 15 committees 
Communication Council - 7 committees 
External Affairs Council - 6 committees 
Environmental Stewardship Council - 3 committees 
Professional Development Council - 5 committees 
Management Council - 3 committees 
Operations Council - 5 committees 
Water Quality/Treatment Council - 5 committees 
Standards Council - 39 committees as designated by the American Water Works Association

NEWWA members are strongly encouraged to become involved in the association through joining a committee. Download the Committee Sign-up Form, with detailed descriptions of each NEWWA committee. Or contact the NEWWA staff liaison for the committee you are interested in for more information.  Want to know what chairing a committee or sitting on a committee involves?

Click here to view committee chair responsibilities.
Click here to view committee agenda template.

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