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Below is a listing of active NEWWA committees that are accepting new members. NEWWA also has committees that are comprised of appointed or assigned members. They will not appear in the below list. To view all of NEWWA's committees, you may download the association's 2016-2017 organization chart.

The below list is sorted by council. You may direct questions about any of the committees/getting involved to the staff liaisons at (508) 893-7979. The staff liaison to each committee is included in the below list.

The below list is alphabetized by committee name. To alphabetize by a different column, simply click on that column header.

Committee NameSorted By Committee Name In Ascending OrderCommittee CouncilNEWWA Staff LiaisonCommittee ChairCommittee Co-ChairCommittee Description/Mission Statement
ConservationEnvironmental StewardshipKatelyn Cahalane/Mary QuigleyMatt Mostoller To study and make recommendations for developing and implementing water conservation management programs within the context that water conservation is not a substitute for proper water management. To utilize technology transfer systems, seminars, presentations, and to prepare for reports for management.
CorrosionWater Quality/TreatmentMary QuigleyCathy DiPietro To study and report on areas related to corrosion control through water treatment and to make recommendations to the Board of Directors on products, practices, legislation and research concerning corrosion control.
Customer ServiceManagementMary QuigleySharon Carroll-Tidman To make recommendations on programs or formal training seminars to meet the needs of customer service personnel of the water suppliers and related organizations. Also, to promote attendance of customer service personnel at programs.
DisinfectionWater Quality/TreatmentPaul RiendeauJames Collins/Matt Simeone To review current drinking water disinfection technologies, research, and literature to identify opportunities for training and education.
Distribution/StorageOperationsPaul RiendeauBob Radigan To review and disseminate knowledge of the tools, technologies, and services for distribution and storage needs of the water utility profession, identify those topics where training is needed, and to assist in the development of materials and programs to meet those needs.
EducationProfessional DevelopmentDon BunkerVincent Roy To participate actively in establishing and advancing the education goals of the association relating to water utility operations and support personnel and to provide guidance in the development of training and technology transfer. To set long-range goals relative to seminar, distant learning, and DVD/video needs.
Emergency Preparedness/SecurityManagementKirsten KingBarry Woods The committee will be instrumental in the development of emergency preparedness, safety/security best management practices (BMP) for water utilities and other members. Recommend and develop materials, programs, and activities to improve the emergency preparedness and security of the water works profession.
ExhibitsAdministrationKatelyn CahalaneRalph D'Onofrio Oversee exhibit opportunities at association conferences. Focus on the best ways for exhibits to enhance conference learning activities and benefit the attendees, associate members, and the association.
FacilitiesAdministrationLinda SmithTom Descoteaux To plan and coordinate improvements, construction, and major maintenance of association facilities. Will make recommendations to the Board of Directors on all major cost items related to the association's facilities.
FiltrationWater Quality/TreatmentDon BunkerAl LeBlanc To study and report on current and emerging technology relating to water filtration. To identify filtration topics where training is needed and to assist in the development of materials and programs to meet that need.
Financial ManagementManagementDon BunkerMark AbrahamsDavid RussellTo review and/or disseminate information of special interest to water utilities on financial management such as infrastructure financing, asset management, financial planning, accounting practices, rate setting, tax procedures and water utility expenditures and revenue. To promote the development and use of sound principles in financial management and in the design and application of water rates and other charges. To develop seminars, conference and meeting sessions, and produce reports and Journal proceedings on these topics.
FluoridesWater Quality/TreatmentMary QuigleyChris Marcos To develop and maintain standards and related manuals, reports, etc. for fluorides for water treatment, including AWWA B701, B702, and B703. Also, plan training program sessions and assist in voluntary proficiency program.
GroundwaterOperationsDon BunkerJim Vernon To review and report to the membership on the region's groundwater resources, their development, use, and management. Will review technical literature, groundwater development, revisions in related regulations and other aspects of groundwater supply.
Historical LandmarksExternal AffairsMary QuigleyGeorge Palmisciano To search out, review, and make recommendations on nominations of water works facilities that meet the AWWA award criteria as a historical landmark.
Information TechnologyOperationsPaul RiendeauMark Wetzel To make recommendations on programs or training seminars relating to computer applications for the water works field. Also, will assist with the implementation and promotion of related seminars and to encourage information technology personnel to become active in the association and symposiums.
InnovationsAdministrationKatelyn CahalaneDemetrios Vidalis Coordinates the innovative device competition including advertising, registration, set-up, tabulation of votes, etc. Devices are judged at the Annual Conference on originality, useability, cost, and application to the water works industry safety.
Laboratory OperationsProfessional DevelopmentPaul RiendeauVijay Jain To enhance the laboratory profession through education, communication, and diverse partnerships across the drinking water quality community. To establish growth and development opportunities for drinking water laboratory professionals through education and training. To provide outreach to the public health community.
Legislative & Regulatory AffairsCommunicationsKirsten KingSteve Estes-Smargiassi To monitor legislative action in the six New England states and at the national level. Will develop responses and comments within the framework of the association's policies on legislation and regulatory matters. To develop, respond, and comment on regulatory matters directly or indirectly affecting the water supply industry. All positions taken will be coordinated throughout the association and be in compliance with approved policy and procedures.
Management DevelopmentManagementDon BunkerOPEN SEAT To make recommendations on programs or formal training seminars to meet the needs of management members of the association. To promote attendance of managerial personnel at programs to consider: general management, accounting, computerization, etc.
MembershipExternal AffairsMary QuigleyMichael Pelletier To plan and coordinate efforts to stimulate the enrollment of additional members and aid in the retention of members in the association. Welcome new members and assist them in getting involved. There should be representatives from all New England states.
Operator CertificationProfessional DevelopmentDon BunkerWade Pelham To facilitate communication between agencies responsible for certification of water utility personnel, to work toward the acceptance of core certification program requirements, and to promote essential training to meet those requirements. Provide forums for association members.
Operator InvolvementProfessional DevelopmentPaul RiendeauOPEN SEAT To assist in the advancement of the needs of operators and to encourage their enrollment and the establishment and coordination of a self paced operator training program. The program will target what operators need to know to be successful on the job and in taking state certification exams.
Organizational DiversityManagementKatelyn CahalaneSean Osborne Study and disseminate information on programs to guarantee and encourage equal opportunities in the water works profession.
Program AdministrationJacqui CampanaMike Greeley Shall conceive, consider, coordinate, perform, and promote quality programs to be presented at the monthly meetings and spring and fall conferences. Will strive to have diverse representation on the committee to ensure a variety of programs to meet all members' needs.
Public RelationsCommunicationsKirsten KingJoyce Mulvaney To develop immediate and long-range public relations goals for the association. Assist and support the staff and water utilities in their own public relations programs including Drinking Water Week activities. Coordinate recognition for outstanding utility public outreach activities.
PublicationsCommunicationsKirsten KingMatt Pearson (A) To work with the staff, particularly with regard to publication policies. (B) To recommend and direct sources and procedures for obtaining advertisements. (C) To review and recommend the publication format, layout, content, and quality.
Publications AwardsRecognitionJacqui CampanaLeo Yuskus To make recommendations to the board on recipients of the Dexter Brackett, Past Presidents, or special awards according to the Rules Governing Publications Awards. Shall review all papers published in the volume of the association's Journal for the calendar year.
SafetyOperationsPaul RiendeauJim DeCelles Develop a comprehensive accident prevention program for the water utility industry including: 1) Collecting, analyzing, and reporting statistical data on accidents and their causes; 2) Preparing and disseminating safety material; and 3) Developing and conducting training.
ScholarshipExternal AffairsMary Quigley/Jacqui CampanaLuis Pizano Will solicit and review applications and award scholarships. Awards will be based on merit, character, and information needed to members and student members. Preference will be given to candidates in programs related to water works practice - advise on rules and fund invest.
Small SystemsOperationsKirsten KingBarry Woods To prepare recommendations for programs and techniques to effectively prepare and disseminate information to small water systems and obtain their input on needed services that the association can consider for implementation. Assist with implementation.
Sponsor ServicesAdministrationKatelyn CahalaneBarbara Cook To conceive, consider, coordinate, promote, and implement activities in achieving the goals of the association and its sponsors to further promote and recognize the association's active sponsors. To assist sponsors in maximizing their involvement in the association.
Student ActivitiesExternal AffairsJacqui CampanaKen Lee To recruit, develop programs for, and encourage the participation in the association's activities by student members and develop programs to encourage students to enter fields related to the water works profession.
SustainabilityEnvironmental StewardshipKatelyn Cahalane/Mary QuigleyKen BoothBlake MartinTo develop sustainable materials and practices on all facets of water supply operation and resource management; and to promote our position through reports, papers, and meetings, to move water suppliers into a more positive, proactive leadership role in the stewardship of water resources and water operations. Objectives will include the above, and disseminate of information among water supply, regulatory and environmental communities, public officials, and the general public. The goal is to create a paradigm shift in the relationship between the water supply community and all interested parties.
University OutreachExternal AffairsMary QuigleyJihyon Im Preparing, coordinating, and giving NEWWA and career presentations to New England colleges and universities to encourage interest in water works careers, joining NEWWA, and future active membership in the association.
Water For PeopleExternal AffairsKatelyn CahalaneVictoria Hawkes To develop, coordinate, and implement programs that will foster relations with water supply professionals outside the United States. To find programs in underdeveloped countries that may be worthy of financial or in-kind support. (Example: Fund Raising for Water for People)
Water ResourcesEnvironmental StewardshipKatelyn Cahalane/Mary QuigleyMichael MetcalfTom BrennanCoordinate with internal NEWWA committees and outside groups and organizations to promote partnerships to balance the interests of water suppliers with others in the realm of water resources management. The committee will provide technical guidance on water resource issues and promote the role of water suppliers through education, outreach, and the development of position papers.
Water Treatment Plant ResidualsWater Quality/TreatmentPaul RiendeauEric KelleyMarc MorinTo study and report on areas related to drinking water treatment plant residuals management. Make recommendations to board on processing, disposal and beneficial reuse of WTP residuals, related water works practice issues/technology, regulatory/permitting requirements and technology transfer.
Young ProfessionalsExternal AffairsKatelyn CahalaneNate Little To attract and retain new young members and to develop avenues for their participation in the Section through creation of programs and networking opportunities. The primary goal of the committee is to fully integrate young professionals into the association, through partnerships with other committees, mentors, and educational programs.
Younger Member Recognition AwardsRecognitionKatelyn CahalaneLisa Gove The committee oversees the selection of awards that recognize a NEWWA member who is under 35 years old or new to the water works profession and who has demonstrated outstanding service to NEWWA through active participation in NEWWA programs, committees, and/or presentations. A second award recognizes the employer that made the most significant effort to support young professional involvement.
Youth EducationCommunicationsPaul RiendeauMary DeRocheRachel PatenaudeWill assist NEWWA in the development and implementation of youth education programs aimed at students from pre-school through post secondary education. Efforts will focus on classroom teacher and development of strong relationship with their local water utility.

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