Mentor/Mentee Program and Annual Membership Drive...

Most of us have been there—we’re new to the profession, new to the association, and know little to few people. Walking into a reception, event, or even course can be very intimidating, especially when you look around at all the different groups laughing and talking together. You sometimes wonder to yourself: “how can I fit in?” and “where do I start?”

Approximately 8 years ago NEWWA and its Membership Committee recognized this issue, and from there the Mentoring Program was born. The program, which takes approximately 6 months to complete, pairs a new member (mentee) with a more “established” member (mentor), to help the new member gain greater knowledge of NEWWA and the profession, and hopefully make a friend in the process.

Begun in 2008, the program has seen 40 mentees pass through, with a total of 20 mentors assisting along the way. Want to learn more about the association or profession in general? This 6-month program is the way to go. A mentee may begin the program at any time and is allowed the 6 months to complete it. And NEWWA’s acronym says it all about the program:

• N – New to the association?

• E – Explore the association along with an experienced member.

• W – Water professional guidance.

• W – Worth your time and effort.

• A – Affordable as it is absolutely free.

There are great opportunities for both new and young members to get involved as a mentee, and even greater opportunities for existing members to become a mentor! If you’re interested in either, please contact Matt Stosse, the Mentoring Sub-Committee chair, at

NEWWA’s Membership Drive is at it Again

Each year our very enthusiastic and active Membership Committee runs a member drive where recruiters and sponsored new members are entered into a drawing for some great prizes donated by our sponsors and supporters.

Check out the 2017 member drive flyer for full details.

Already a member? Get recruiting! Think about how you first got involved or became a NEWWA member—more likely than not someone just simply asked you. Why not do the same and continue the cycle? And in the process you can be entered to win the grand prize – an Apple iPad donated by E.J. Prescott and NEWWA. Additional prizes include a $100 gift card to Best Buy donated by U.S. Pipe; 2 Boston Bruins tickets donated by Weston & Sampson; $100 Amazon gift card donated by CDM Smith; and a $100 American Express Gift Card donated by Connecticut Water. Simply list yourself as “endorser” on your recruit’s membership form and that’s it! Prizes are awarded each year at NEWWA’s December Monthly Meeting at The Lantana in Randolph, MA (December 15, 2016). Good luck and get recruiting!


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