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Who We Are...

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Established in 1882, the New England Water Works Association (NEWWA) is a not-for-profit member organization incorporated in the commonwealth of Massachusetts. The association is the leading authority on education, training opportunities, and public outreach to protect and improve drinking water and water utility operations. NEWWA continues to be an instrument of change to advance the knowledge, science, government awareness, public trust, and environmental stewardship of the water works profession. 

For more than 125 years, NEWWA has worked closely with the American Water Works Association, the world’s largest water supply organization. In April of 1987, the membership of the New England Water Works Association, Inc., and the New England Section of the American Water Works Association voted to affiliate, combining the management structures of both organizations. This affiliation gives association members the opportunity to utilize the benefits, services, and resources of both organizations.

NEWWA's Vision

Our vision is to inspire excellence in the drinking water profession, public confidence in tap water, and water resource stewardship.

NEWWA's Mission Our mission is to promote public health, safety, quality of life, and environmental stewardship through education/training, advocacy, and outreach relating to safe drinking water and to advance the membership as noted in the AWWA Articles of Incorporation.

NEWWA's Governance Since 1882 NEWWA Inc. has served drinking water professionals from across New England. In 1987, NEWWA Inc. affiliated itself with the American Water Works Association (AWWA) as a section to provide the opportunity for members to join and receive all benefits of both associations at a reduced rate. To this day, members still have the option of joining NEWWA Inc. or AWWA with NEWWA as the designated section.

As a result of its organization, NEWWA's governing documents consist of the following (click on each to view entire document):

The NEWWA Inc. Constitution

The NEWWA Inc. Bylaws

The NEWWA Section Bylaws, as approved by the AWWA Board of Directors 

NEWWA's Organization Chart

NEWWA's organization consists of both a paid staff and volunteer structure. Click here to download the organizational chart for 2016-2017.  

Strategic Plans

The NEWWA Strategic Plan refines and builds on the goals from previous plans and is a basis for plans to be established by the NEWWA Board of Directors as it guides our many volunteers and staff. This update of the Strategic Plan for 2013 to 2018 was developed with consideration to previous plans. An effort was also made to sustain the ongoing initiatives from prior plans to keep momentum moving forward, creating the NEWWA 10-Year Vision of 2015-2024

The strategic plan and 10-year vision reflect the work done by the Planning Committee who provide direction for the Spring Council Meeting as well as Summer Planning Session. Discussions and recommendations from previous planning efforts are evident throughout the plan and vision.

NEWWA's Educational History Timeline...

NEWWA prides itself on delivering the highest-quality educational programs to its students. With one of the first water works schools in the nation, NEWWA has maintained a tradition of excellence since 1882. We are an approved Accredited Provider by the International Association for Continuing Education and Training, which holds NEWWA to strict ANSI/IACET standards that address processes for designing, developing, and delivering the association's continuing education and training. The following is a brief timeline of NEWWA's training mission development and facility growth:

  • February 17, 1882 - the first meeting of three water superintendents is held in Lowell, MA.
  • April 19, 1882 - NEWWA is formally organized.
  • June 21, 1882 - NEWWA holds its first annual convention.
  • September 1886 - NEWWA publishes its first issue of the Journal.
  • 1932 - NEWWA launches the first water works school.
  • 1978 - NEWWA receives its first training grant with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.
  • February 23, 1984 - the Backflow and Cross Connection Prevention training and board is established.
  • 1986 - NEWWA expands its training related to the Safe Drinking Water Act.
  • May 19, 1988 - NEWWA opens its first training center in Milford, MA.
  • 1989 - NEWWA creates a training manager position.
  • 1992- The Francis X. Crowley training center addition is opened adjacent to the Milford facility (with a 54-seat classroom/vocation classroom).
  • 2001 - NEWWA opens its new headquarters and training facility in Holliston, MA (with three classrooms, water quality laboratory, library, and committee conference rooms).
  • 2005 - NEWWA opens its distribution training laboratory addition at its Holliston facility (with a hands-on classroom, hall of presidents, and field storage).

New England Water Works Association   125 Hopping Brook Road   Holliston, MA   01746   PH: (508) 893-7979   FAX:(508) 893-9898

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