Frequently Asked Questions - Backflow Recertification January 2017

1. QUESTION: Can you summarize the device tester renewal requirement for NEWWA Certified Backflow Prevention Device Inspector/Tester?

ANSWER: Beginning 1/01/2017 all NEWWA Certified Backflow Prevention Device Inspector/Tester are required to renew their certification by completing a 6 hour (0.6 CEU) course(s) in the areas of backflow prevention device testing or cross-connection control as approved by the Board and passing a NEWWA performance recertification examination.

2. QUESTION: Does NEWWA offer courses to the meet the 0.6 CEU requirement?

ANSWER: Yes, NEWWA offers 3 specific courses that meet the 0.6 CEU requirement:

-Backflow Prevention Device Tester Recertification REVIEW Training

-Advanced Testing and Diagnostic Procedures Course

-Fundamentals of Cross Connection Control  

3. QUESTION: What is a performance recertification examination?

ANSWER: A performance recertification examination is a practical hands-on examination that a certified individual must take and pass to demonstrate competency of testing a backflow preventer.
4. QUESTION: When does the 50 test renewal requirement go away?

ANSWER: 12/31/2016

5. QUESTION: When does the performance exam requirement begin?

ANSWER: This requirement applies to all certifications whose certification expiration date is after 01/01/2017.  
                 NOTE: This requirement would also be applied to individuals who wish to renew a certification that expired no more than 6 months prior to 01/01/2017.

6. QUESTION: Where can I find the schedule for upcoming 6 hour (0.6 CEU Course) courses and performance test for recertification? 

ANSWER: Upcoming courses  are listed on the following NEWWA web page:

7. QUESTION: If I have further questions regarding training or examinations, is there a number I may call to speak with someone?

ANSWER: Questions about future training / performance examinations can be directed to NEWWA (508-893-7979). 

8. QUESTION: When are performance exams administrated or given?

ANSWER: Performance exams are typically given the following day of the 6 hour course (Backflow Prevention Device Tester Recertification REVIEW Training and  Advanced Testing and Diagnostic Procedures Course). Monthly recertification courses including performance exams will be given at the NEWWA main office in Holliston, MA, as well as satellite training locations.

9. QUESTION: How much is the performance hands-on test?

ANSWER: Fees: $235 Training Only, 
                          $435 Training with Practical Exam, 
                          $200 Practical Exam Only 
           NOTE: The $100 recertification application fee is included in the above options with the exam)

10. QUESTION: What are the application fees for recertification?

ANSWER: The $100 application fee is now included in the $200 Practical Exam Fee.

11. QUESTION: How do I register for a training course or performance exam?

ANSWER: Instructions on how to register for a course or exam can be found on the Training Calendar webpage at:

12. QUESTION: How do I register just for the recertification hands on exam?

ANSWER: Once on the Training Calendar webpage, click the Backflow Prevention Device Tester Recertification REVIEW Training Course, or Advanced Testing and Diagnostic Procedures Course, date and click to choose “Practical Exam Only”.

13. QUESTION: How long will it take for me to be notified if I pass or fail the hands-on exam?

ANSWER: If you pass or fail the exam, the proctor will notify you on site.

14. QUESTION: If I do not pass the hands-on exam do I have to pay another hands-on exam fee?

ANSWER: Yes, you must register for another exam date and pay an exam fee of $100. There will be no additional application charge.

15. QUESTION: What happens to my existing certification if I do not pass my hands on exam for recertification?

ANSWER: If you do not pass the practical hands-on exam for recertification, your certification is temporarily suspended until you retake and pass the practical hands-on exam again.

16. QUESTION: Is my certification extended if I have not registered for the hands-on exam until after my certification expiration date?

ANSWER: There is no extension of certification if the certification is not renewed before the individual’s expiration date.

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