Membership Roster

NEWWA publishes an annual Membership Roster that is sent to all members in August. In April of each year members receive notification to update their information and an opt-out option for the roster. Members need to ensure that their information is up to date with the association.

The Membership Roster, in addition to listing the names and contact information for all NEWWA's members (individual, utility, and associate/consultant), includes:

  • A brief history of NEWWA
  • Lists of NEWWA's officers and key staff
  • Committee listings, including chairs and vice/co-chairs
  • NEWWA past officers and editors
  • NEWWA, Inc., Bylaws
  • Award winners, including historical information
  • Award committee rules
  • A listing of past meetings
  • Photos
  • Advertisements

The Membership Roster is designed, produced, and mailed by Naylor Publications, Inc. They also perform all advertising solicitations each year. 


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