Social Media Messaging for Drinking Water Week 2016

May 1-7, 2016

Use these messages during Drinking Water Week to get people talking about the Value of Water. Also, be sure to use the #ValueWater

#1 - It’s National Drinking Water Week! Time to get people talking about the #valuewater 

#1 - Without water, we can’t grow crops, we can’t manufacture goods, we can’t survive. 
It’s time to invest in infrastructure #valuewater  

#1 - Listen to NEWWA’s radio PSA about #valuewater, playing all week on major radio stations across New England!  (click here for link

#1 -  Don’t overlook what’s going on underground. Water infrastructure needs national attention. #valuewater 

#2 – 

#1 - Check out NEWWA’s Billboards on Route 93 and Route 9 highlighting the #valuewater (click here to view)

#2 –
#1 - Need to shower? Watch what can happen if there’s no water…#valuewater (click here for a link to the video).

#2 – 

#1 - Thank you to all who participated in Drinking Water Week and to all water works professionals who keep the water flowing! #valuewater 

New England Water Works Association   125 Hopping Brook Road   Holliston, MA   01746   PH: (508) 893-7979   FAX:(508) 893-9898

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