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Drinking Water Operator Guidance Documents
Click on the above link to view a listing of NEWWA-published documents and guides regarding drinking water operators, including code of ethics, offenses resulting in enforcement action, operator duties and responsibilities, and guidelines for contracting operators.

Professional Code of Conduct and Ethics for Drinking Water Laboratory Personnel
This code has been promulgated in order to safeguard the health and welfare of the public and to establish high standards of Integrity, Independence, and Individual Development of professional laboratory personnel.

Water Foundation Whitepaper - (2011)
This whitepaper details a proposal to create a financially independent foundation for drinking water issues and provide public education and educational resources to enhance public awareness and workforce development for water-based issues in New England.

Stakeholder Groups and What Each Can do to Meet the Drinking Water Workforce Crisis - (2011)
We all recognize the threat the impending shortage of qualified drinking water operators poses to our profession and society at large. If we do not act, the projected 50-percent loss of our current national workforce in the next 8 years could have dire consequences. Our ability to maintain and operate our public drinking water systems could be compromised, endangering public health, public safety, and the environment. NEWWA's Operator Certification Committee has developed this list of key stakeholders and a series of concrete actions each can take.

A Foundation for Sustainable Practices in the Water Utility Profession Whitepaper - (September 2009)
At the 2008 New England Water Works Association (NEWWA) Planning Session, it was determined that a paradigm shift was needed in the relationship between water suppliers and various related special interest groups such as watershed and river basin advocacy organizations, others within the environmental community, regulators, policy makers, and in some cases customers. This shift would improve communications between water suppliers and stakeholders in future discussions concerning the sustainability of water resources and our stewardship of those resources.

U.S. EPA Sampling Guide for First Responders to Drinking Water Contamination Threats and Incidents
(Full document is 81 pages).

This sampling guide, produced by NEWWA in collaboration with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), describes procedures and protocols for implementing site characterization activities in the event of a drinking water contamination threat or incident. It is intended as a planning resource for those involved in the sample collection portion of site characterization. 

For large water systems or those water suppliers and/or organizations/responders with expertise and resources in place to fully respond to water supply incidents, you can find more detailed information and response measures guidance in U.S. EPA's "Sampling Guidance for Unknown Contaminants in Drinking Water." 

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