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Policy for Renewal Training Courses for Water System Operator Recertification
This policy establishes criteria for renewal training to ensure that the training is under responsible sponsorship, capable direction, and qualified instructors. The criteria established are the minimum requirements and are meant to assure that drinking water operators will receive professional development opportunities needed to complete their job duties and responsibilities, which is to supply safe drinking safe to the public.

Recreational Use Policy 
Maximizing drinking water quality to protect public health is of the highest priority to public water suppliers. Public water suppliers recognize that multiple barrier protection of drinking water supplies and their watersheds is essential in order to meet these goals.

It is a fundamental principle of water supply development and protection that water should be obtained from the highest quality source feasible, and every effort should be made to prevent contaminants from entering the source. When faced with efforts by recreational users or others to increase recreational access to water supply reservoirs and/or surrounding land, utilities should oppose such efforts on the basis of increased risk and communicate those risks accordingly.

Massachusetts Water Management Act Policy - 2006
The New England Water Works Association (NEWWA) has been asked to comment on the effectiveness of the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection’s (MassDEP) Guidance Document for Water Management Act Permitting Policy, effective date January 17, 2006. This Policy applies to Permit and Permit Amendment Applications and 5-Year Reviews. The Policy has received extensive criticism from communities and water suppliers throughout the Commonwealth, directed in part at MassDEP’s lack of meaningful public involvement in its development. Another concern that has been repeatedly expressed is the use of the Stressed Basin Report, which was issued by the Massachusetts Water Resources Commission in 2001, to categorize permittees in terms of the standards they must meet.

NEWWA is fully supportive of protecting and managing water resources, including streamflow. However, one of the major objections has been that the requirements of the Policy will not be effective in achieving the stated goal of mitigating and restoring streamflow and may harm efforts for continued and sustainable economic growth throughout the Commonwealth, another stated goal of the Water Management Act (WMA).


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