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Title: Backflow Prevention Device Inspector/Tester Training & Certification
Description: This course will help students understand cross connection control and provide them with the knowledge to test backflow prevention devices. Written and practical exams for students to become a NEWWA-certified Backflow Prevention Device Inspector/Tester are given on the last day of the course. Classroom and hands-on instruction will cover cross connections and their health hazards; backflow and its many types; how to test three types of backflow prevention devices; how to choose the appropriate device for a facility; troubleshooting; and regulations and codes. Note that NEWWA certification is universally accepted (except with Aqua America in Pennsylvania), however, some states such as Massachusetts, Connecticut, and New York require their own certification, separate from the NEWWA certification. This will be discussed during the course.
Who Should Attend: This training is designed for public water system professional that may need information or certification to implement a cross-connection control program. It will also provide additional information and insights to those individual who are currently performing work on the domestic water system. Consulting engineers, public health professionals, code inspectors, design engineers, and regulatory officials will also find this training of interest.
Pre-requisites: None
CEUs: 2
Learning Objectives/Outcomes: You will learn cross-connection terminology and definitions and be made aware of the most common causes of a cross-connection and how they impact the public health. Upon completion of this course you will be able to: Define a cross connection; List common cross connections; Describe the basic hydraulics of backflow; Explain procedures to control cross connections; Describe the roles of EPA, states, local government, public water systems, and others to control cross-connections; Define the types of cross connections and how they can be prevented or controlled; Identify backflow prevention devices and describe how backflow prevention devices are used; Explain how backflow prevention devices function; Perform a backflow prevention device test procedure on each of the following backflow prevention devices: Reduced Pressure Zone (RPZ), Double Check Valve Assembly (DCVA) and Pressure Vacuum Breaker (PVB); Complete a backflow prevention device test report form; and Demonstrate how to troubleshoot failed devices.
Learning Outcome/Assessment Method: A multiple choice written examination and a practical test will be administerd following the completion of the training. Upon passing both examinations, the student will be issued a NEWWA Backflow Prevention Device Inspectors/Tester Certification. The written examination was developed by the Association of Board of Certification utilizing an established Need to Know Criteria. There are 140 multiple choice questions on the written examination. Each multiple choice question will examine your knowledge and understanding with regard to the basic cross-connection concepts and the testing of a backflow prevention device. There will be no trick questions. The passing grade is 70%. Answer sheets will be submitted to the Association of Boards of Certification for scoring. Any participant who does not achieve the required passing score will receive a summary evaluation from the testing service. This will provide learners with an opportunity to re-examine area of performance. It will also provide an opportunity to access additional learning support if needed. A practical examination that consists of testing 5 backflow prevention devices will also be given at the end of the training. The passing grade for this examination is 80%. Students must pass both examinations to become certified by NEWWA to test backflow prevention devices. The students are evaluated at the end of the practical examination again providing the student with an opportunity to gain information. Two 10 question multiple questions examination are given at the end of the first and second day.
Technology Requirements: None; you are not required to have your own backflow prevention device test kit to take this course. Test kits and all related equipment are provided as part of the training, as are all course materials. It is advisable to wear suitable field work clothing and non-slip footwear as hands-on device test procedures can discharge water on clothing and floors.

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