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Title: Hands-On Bench Top Laboratory Skills
Description: This course will help students develop strong, basic drinking water laboratory analysis skills and an overall awareness of their importance in water quality assurance. Specifically, it will present an overview of key techniques utilized in drinking water analysis through four laboratory workstations that will cover pH, hardness, alkalinity, turbidity, chlorine residual, temperature, colorimetry/spectrophotometry, and microbiology. Each workstation will be directed by a separate instructor/facilitator who will demonstrate procedures and supervise and assist all group members in performing a given technique.
Who Should Attend: A straightforward overview approach will make it of interest to water utility operations personnel and those management professionals who wish to increase their awareness of basic water quality analysis.
Pre-requisites: None
CEUs: 0.6
Learning Objectives/Outcomes: The overall goal of the seminar is to develop a set of strong, basic drinking water laboratory analysis skills and a general awareness of the importance of lab testing in water quality assurance. Upon completion of the course, participants will be able to: Identify why testing is important; List 3 locations where testing needs to be done; Describe “Standards Operating procedure” and its importance of use; Explain and define total alkalinity; Describe the titration test for alkalinity; List 2 main ions contributing to hardness; Identify three types of thermometers and how they are used & read; Explain what pH is and how to calibrate a pH meter; Identify the parts of a turbidimeter; Identify 3 types of compounds in water that create color; and Successfully complete the provided “hands-on” testing work sheet.
Learning Outcome/Assessment Method: After the presentation of information regarding the significance of each test method, learners will adjourn to the laboratory to perform a series of actual water quality tests and view demonstrations of a few of the more challenging testing methods that were discussed in the earlier classroom sessions. Four Learning Stations will be arranged to allow small groups (learners with be divided into 4 smaller groups to allow for a valuable “hands-on” experience) to each complete and record the results of testing unknowns for the test methods described to them earlier. Each Learning Station will have a designated facilitator or facilitators present to guide the learners through each assigned testing procedure, and to identify significant components and terms associated with each test. The learners will each take a turn to perform the assigned testing of each unknown and will repeat the test, if results are not within 5% of the known value. All results will be recorded on a provided worksheet, and, after learners complete each learning station, the groups will reunite in the classroom and a group discussion will take place related to the challenges and “lessons learned” in performing the various tests and viewing the demonstrations.
Technology Requirements: None

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