Free Online Learning Courses

Below are online learning courses that are free to all (NEWWA/AWWA membership not required). Note that it is the user's responsibility to contact his/her certification board to determine if credit hours will be honored for completing any of the below.

Basic Training for Drinking Water Board Members (U.S. EPA 2012 - Guide, U.S. EPA 2014 - Online Course Modules - PLEASE CALL NEWWA'S OFFICE FOR ACCESS TO THE BELOW ONLINE COURSE MODULES):

Basic Training for Drinking Water Board Members - Online Course Modules 1-3

Among the many people supporting a community’s water system are members of a governing board. These board members, or in some communities, water commissioners, are often citizen volunteers with little or no prior knowledge of running a water system. State and federal agencies along with water associations recognize that these volunteers play a vital role in ensuring the continued safety of our drinking water supplies. To support the work of governing boards, they have developed numerous training tools and guides to understanding water treatment and regulations. This guide, along with the accompanying on-line training course, represents only a fraction of those tools. It was prepared to give board members a basic understanding of everything from running a board meeting, to setting water rates and working closely with the water operator. For those who want more training and information, many other detailed references are available and are listed in the Appendices.

CDC Water Fluoridation Training Course

A free resource designed to build the capability of state fluoridation programs, and to help increase knowledge and refine skills to implement and maintain community water fluoridation.

FREE CDC Fluoridation Learning Online

Key Features:

  • Use anywhere, anytime, on any device
  • Interactive audio and video material
  • Self-paced, personalized training based on experience and background
  • Save information to a Favorites page
  • Reference page with additional resources